Fast Facts

Customers: NH, CX, EK, JL, KE, SQ, TG, UN

Orders/Deliveries: 60 / 60

Basic Dimensions:
Length: 73,86 m
Wingspan: 60,9 m
Height: 18,5 m
Fuselage diameter: 6,19 m
Cabin width: 5,86 m

max. Range: 11.135 km

MTOW: 299.370 kg

Fuel: 171.160 L

Passengers: 368 - 550

Engine choices:
- PW4090 or 4098
- GE90-94B (no customer)
- Rolls-Royce Trent 892 or 895

The 777-300 (773)

1st Order Rollout 1st Flight Certification 1st Delivery In Service 1st Airline Last Delivery
Cathay Pacific
27/07/06 to CX


The 773 was the third model of the 777 family. The 773 is a 10,1m stretched 772. The 773 was offered mainly to the high demand from asian airlines. Here the 773 should replace older 747s on intra asian routes.
At the time of the introduction into service the 773 was the world's longest plane, now this is the A340-600.
Boeing's board of directors authorized the production of the 777-300 on June 26, 1995. The already described interest from asian airlines found its climax at the 1995's Paris Air Show, where four airlines (All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Korean Air and Thai Airways International) showed their interest to order 31 of the 773 valued at approximately $3.1 billion, depending on configurations, special features and options selected.
The 773 is only flown by asian airlines. The extended-range version of the 773 - the 77W - is also operated by european and american airlines.

First Flight, Test Programm and Certification

The first Pratt & Whitney powered 200A made its Maiden Flight on the 12th June 1994.
This flight lasted 3h48min and the test-pilots already tested an “inflight-engine-shutdown-recovery”.
The duration of the test program was eleven months.
During this program the nine (9) 777s were involved and they’ve flown 4.900 flights and around 7.000 flight hours were logged. The program was so big, because Boeing wanted to sell the 777 with an “180min-ETOPS”-certification out-of-the-box. This means, that Boeing wanted to hae the 777 already ETOPS certificated from day one in service. And no long lasting certification program, during the first months of the 777 in service with the airline-customers. The certification for the 777-200A was received by Boeing on the 19th April 1995.
The General Electric-powered 200A started its test program in February 1995, with a 5h20min long flight. However, the certification was received in November 1995 six weeks after the original planned date.
The Rolls Royce-powered 200A began its test program in May 1995, with its maiden flight on the 26th the same month. The RR-powered 777 received its certification 3 month before the planned date.
For better manoeuvring on the ground the 773 is fitted with a Camera System (GMCS). The camera's "view fields" are from the horizontal stabilizers to both maingears and one from "under the cockpit" to the frontgear. The images are shown on the LCD-screen in the centre-console, which is divided into three "sub-screens".

Delivery, 1st commercial flight

The first 773 has been delivered to Cathay Pacific in late October 1998.
Until the first 773 delivery to Emirates the 773 was only operated in Asia. Emirates brings its 773 to Europe. Thai and Singapore Airlines are now also flying with its 773s to Europe and Korean Air sometimes flies with a 773 the route ICN-NRT-LAX, which has to be the longest route flown by a 773 with 8.773 km. ;-)
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