Singapore Airlines 777s in Europe

A Report about SQ's 777s on European Airports

Throughout a week (in Summer 08)

A SQ 772ER taxying @ CPH from terminal to the unway.


  1. Introduction
  2. Departing SIN
  3. Inflight
  4. Arriving Europe
  5. At the airports
  6. Getting ready
  7. Departing Europe
  8. Arriving SIN
  9. Timetable

Part 1: Introduction to SQ's 777s

Singapore Airlines (Boeing's Code: 12 - hence the 777-312ER) has four different types of the 777 family in its fleet - the 777-312ER (77W), the 777-212ER (772), the 777-212 (777; normally an ER version but with weaker engines) and the 777-312 (773). Those 777s are equipped with Rolls-Royce Trent engines, except the 77Ws which are powered by General Electric's GE90-115B (the most powerful engines, producing 512kN (115k lbs) of thrust).
SQ flies its Boeing 777s generally to destinations in Europe, Africa, North America and Australia, but also on Intra-Asian routes, with some kind of luck you may also enjoy flying the 77W or 772 on Intra-Asian routes.
Singapore Airlines' 1st Triple7 joined the fleet on 5th May 1997; a 777-212 registered 9V-SQA. Until 2005 the 777s were flying under the name JUBILEE, because the first one was delivered during SQ's 50th anniversary celebrations. The first 777 was also sporting a special colorscheme to commemorate these celebrations, which also was applied on an A340-300 "CELESTAR" and a B747-400 "MEGATOP". Until 2001 SQ only flew the 777s on intra-asian routes. With the delivery of a first "real" 777-200ER (9V-SVx), SIA added the first "Extended OPS" to the 777's flightplan.
The first destination getting 777 service outside of Asia was Amsterdam, NL in August 2001.
The flight to AMS was extended to Chicago, US in 2002. My first flights on the 777 were on the route AMS-ORD-AMS in May 2002.
The first 777-312 joined SQ's fleet in December 1998. Singapore Airlines' first LongerRange 777, a 777-300ER, joined the fleet in December 2006 and was flown for its first service to Paris-CDG on Nikolaus. The 77W are replacing more and more the older 747-400s in Singapore Airlines fleet. Without the huge problems Airbus had with its A380, Singapore's 77Ws were supposed to be the Number 2 in the fleet which gets the new cabin outfit — "The Romance of Travel lives on".

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