Emirates' first 777-300ER flight to DUS

(EK55/56 on September 1st, 2005)

Time at DUS: T/D 1319 - T/O 1545

On a wonderful sunny morning I make me up for going to DUS to spot the 1st arrival of an EK 773ER @ DUS (Duesseldorf International Airport, Germany). My trip started with a little delay, because the bus bringing me to the station was some minutes delayed so I missed my train connection and so I had to wait some time for the next train going to DUS. But, luckily this long-distance-train stopped at DUS railwaystation. At around noon I was there.
I took the "SkyTrain", which was apparently operating (*wonder), to the terminal where I went straight to the visitors terrace.
It was still more than an hour to go, before the 773ER will touch-down in DUS. So I've spent my time with spotting the other traffic at DUS, but there wasn't that much interesting traffic.
However I saw an Antonov An124 standing on the tarmac.

Other traffic was: many German holiday planes (Air Berlin 738; HapagFly 73W; LTU 333,332,321,320; Condor 753,320) and some regular traffic such as AF, BA, KL, SU, LH, OS... .
Nothing interesting for a 777-fan like me.
Around 13:15, I saw my target on approach to DUS. What a nice silhouette the 773ER has.

At 13:19 the 773ER flying EK 055, ship A6-EBD, touched down on 23L - 6 minutes before the planned time. After a smooth touchdown EBD rolled out on the rwy and left it infront of the visitors terrace. Where it was already expected by a "Follow Me Car" (Yes, DUS still has them!) which directed
"The Monster"
(compared to the other planes dominantly being seen here)
to its parking position gate B09. Gate B09 isn't located at the edge of the terminal building where the 777s were parked, I've seen before at DUS (Egyptair, Lauda Air; an Aeroflot 777 was parked remotely).
rwy leaving
I was very impressed by the size of the 773ER, even I've seen the 773ER before at the Paris Airshow '03 (Where I was only some meters away from it) and at Paris-CDG (June '05). However therefore I like the 777 so much, because of its size, but the 777 is still looking well proportionated.
At B09 there were still some airportstaff awaiting the arrival of the first 773ER, a 773 was already there. Also an Emirates one, which flew a short deviation from CDG to pick up some stranded EK pax because of the cancellation of Emirates' flights to DUS, the last few days, due to fog at DXB.
gate arrival

Shortly after shutting down the huge GE90-115Bs the servicing started.
gate arrival
There were many cargo pallets and containers waiting for deloading and also the pax wanted to deplane as soon as possible after a 7 hours flight. One of the reasons why Emirates switched from an A330 (at the beginning of its service to DUS) to the A343 and now to the 773ER is the huge cargo load, Emirates encounters on the route DXB-DUS-DXB. The first week of 773ER service has also a very good passenger load factor. EBD looked still very fresh, with its painting still shining in the sun, besides being already for 4 months in service and operating in hot 'n sandy climate. gate arrival

After enjoying the view on the 773ER for some time, I decided to go into the terminal and have somthing to eat for lunch. I choose a restaurant with a huge glassfront an the opportunity to look at the 777 while eating ;-). Thereafter I visited the info desks of 777-operating-airlines for asking about some information about them, but this wasn't very succesfull, only Alitalia gave me a timetable with some infos about their 777 inside. So I decided to go again on the visitors terrace and further spotting activities. I saw a Hapagfly 738 with the new Tui-wide billboardtitles applied - Hapag (airline name) in red and then "fly" in white. And also a pair of flydba 737 made a visit to DUS, later accompanied by a Fokker 100 of the same airline. At 15:25 the 777 was ready for push-back and the trip back home to DXB. During the time EBD was standing at DUS many airport workers paid a little visit to it. Making some photos and also videos. At a "visiting-peak" there were around 15 people just walking around and looking at the 777-300ER, besides the staff which was working on the 777.
gate arrival

Above you can see the 777 being pushed back and starting the most powerful engines on Earth, their pair of GE90-115Bs. The sound of the engine startin process was very amazing to me - I wasn't expecting this. A 747, 340 or 767 and even the other 777-stablemates have a high and qweeking sound if engines are started but the GE90-115Bs make deep a roaring sound. I was very puzzled hearing that kind of sound from such a huge engine. Perhaps a fact of the advancing engine technology and a tribute to the noise reduction. After both engines were powerful enough to let the 777 roll it made its way to the runway. Also the noise of the GE90-115Bs running to takeoff power wasn't that what I expected, also quieter. As the 773ER lifted off the runway flying EK 056 back to DXB it was the third encounter with the amazing sound characteristics of the GE90s.
gate arrival
It also was the first time I've seen the extreme wing bending when the 777 takes off and in the early stage of flying.
gate arrival